A collection of 199 timeless pictures

The idea behind this project is to offer a collection of 199 timeless pictures as NFTs.
Only part of those pictures are available right now, but more will be added until all 199 slots are filled.

What is a "timeless picture" you may wonder?

A timeless picture is an image that offers you a good enough perspective of what is happening as you look at it, but not enough to get the full idea - all the details to place it in space and time. The vibe of the image leaves you, the beholder, wondering about the full story: where it was placed, how we came about taking the photo. As you try to put it together you end up making your own story for this timeless picture, and so it becomes yours.

It may be a very subjective definition, but I guess this applies to art in general.

About the photographer

My name is George-Paul Crețu.
I'm an amateur photographer that stumbled upon the world of photography and fell in love with it.
This site and Timeless Photography NFT is my small portfolio.

Yellow Car in Field - Timeless Photography NFT Yellow Car in Field - Timeless Photography NFT

Technical details

All images are captured using a Fujifilm X-E3 camera paired with Fujifilm X-mount lenses.

Current lenses used:

As more pictures are added to the collection the gear might update and this section will be refreshed.

The minted images are JPG files at the highest quality possible. All of them are edited from RAF files using Lightroom or CaptureOne.


Similar to other NFTs on the market, some images in here will have special traits.

Special traits will be a rarity, making the image more valuable. Some of the traits include the presence of cat, human, black and white, more will follow as the images will be taken.


To be updated

Phase 1: Adding all the 199 pictures and have them available in the collection.

Phase 2: Drawing characters, accessories, and stories, using the photography as a base, merging real word with fictional digital assets. Releasing new altered NFTs that incorporate drawings.


How to purchase

You will find all the details required on OpenSea.io Help Center section.

Be aware that we can't undo any transaction that you made with the NFTs we offer.